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Stroller Traffic: A Better Way To Carry A Pump
“Nursing moms who pump on the go will appreciate the Nurse Purse, a new breast pump bag created by local mom Adrienne Frohlich. Unlike the traditional nylon black bags, the Nurse Purse is designed in cotton canvas with a toxin-free, water-resistant coating—available in four cute prints…”

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approved-webThe Boob Group
With room to carry a pump, cooler, laptop and more, the Nurse Purse truly is a better breast pump bag.” Our mommy bloggers have tested this product and have rated it four and a half stars, which means we approve of this product!
“I loved trying out the Nurse Purse. It was so nice to have a bag that didn’t scream breast pump!!”

Mommybites: SOS Product Review
“Best of all, I was able to take my bag from work to dinner with my husband and didn’t feel like a bag lady or frumpy mom. This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it for any pumping mom!”

A Day In Mollywood : Nurse Purse Making Pumping Pretty 
Basically this Nurse Purse is capable of carrying everything I need to have a successful work day of pumping. The fact that I don’t have to carry three separate bags is pretty amazing. But the absolute best part? I have already gotten TONS of compliments on this bad boy.”

Liberating Working Moms : A Working Breastfeeding Mom’s Dream
“I’ve been using the Fern Nurse Purse… for nearly a month now, and I LOVE it! I haven’t been back to work yet, but I have been out and about, missing some feedings, and instead of carrying around the not so pretty bag my breast pump came in, I’ve been carrying this one around.”

My Nurse Purse
“I cant tell you how amazing this bag is!, it fits with almost all pumps and its stylish and honestly has more room inside then the standard bag.”

Barista Kids : New Baby Gifts: Useful and Unique
“… the Nurse Purse is a traditional gift with a twist for mothers who decide to breastfeed their babies and work out of the home. This bag is made to hold a pump while still looking professional and beautiful.” 

Petit Enfant : Update to PumpGate Featuring the Nurse Purse
“Nurse Purse wanted to add some style to the traditional pump bag and they hit the nail right on the head. Can we discuss how much cuter this bag is than the other options?!”

The Diaper Bag Confessions : Pumping In Style With Nurse Purse
“Nurse Purse has changed the way we pump! By taking the trend of cute and modern diaper bags and blending it together with the less-than-attractive breast pump bags.. We can now transport our pumps with ease and style.”

The Tailored Mama : The Nurse Purse Review
“As much as the bag OVERALL is amazing, I want to touch more on the pump compartment and how awesome it is that the Nurse Purse is making it so convenient for us moms to pump!”

Family Life In Las Vegas : Top 5 Products to Support Mom’s Pumping Breast Milk
“Gone are the days of boring black pump bags! With the Nurse Purse you can carry your pump in style. The bag holds most all major pump brands and is adjustable, and the bag is very spacious for all your carrying needs.”

Mommy Nearest : Five Fabulous Finds From the New York Baby Show
“he Nurse Purse offers you a stylish and functional solution—it holds all of your work stuff, even a laptop, and has a pocket that stores just about any brand of breast pump, along with its accessories. There’s space for the milk and cooler, too!”

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