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Is the Nurse Purse compatible with my pump?

Yes. The insert is fully adjustable to accommodate most popular electric pumps. The full insert is designed to accommodate all Medela pumps with divided space for the plug. Remove the divider, and you can accommodate wider pumps such as the Ameda, Phillips or Evenflo. If you have a pump that does not fit within the insert, simply remove the insert and you will still be able to access the pump via the front pocket. Please note that the Hyegia Q and Spectra pumps do not fit within the structured insert of the Nurse Purse.

Questions about your particular model? Contact

Is the laminated coating safe?

Yes. The water and stain resistant coating is made from nontoxic polyurethane laminate which is free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, lead, and other nasty things you do not want coming into contact with yourself or your milk.This is the same material used in many cloth diapers.
A note about the lamination – you may see small lighter colored or opaque areas on your bag, particularly with the darker colors – this is perfectly normal and will not affect the functionality of your bag. It is a natural variation of the safer material used in the lamination process.

My pump is not removable from the original bag.

It is. It may take some effort to remove the Velcro® insert, but it should be easily movable to fully access and remove your pump. Some of the Medela® models may come with a removable case for the motor; it is up to your personal preference whether you wish to keep it in that case before placing in the Nurse Purse. Contact us with any questions about your particular model.

Why should I spend extra money on a bag when the pump is already so expensive?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are now fully 100% covered by insurance for all nursing mothers. See Links section for more information on the ACA.

Yes, your pump can be free! Now all you need to do is dress it up.

What can I do with the Nurse Purse when I’m not pumping anymore?

The options are only limited by your creativity. Use the inner compartment to safely transport your lunch to work, an extra pair of shoes for the office, or quickly stash a dirty diaper while you’re on the go. You can use the side compartment to keep your ID, wallet and personal items safe and easily accessible.

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Why doesn’t the Nurse Purse come with a cooler bag?

Your needs will change from day to day and over the course of time as you pump. One day you may need to transport 4 ounces, another you may be blessed with 40 ounces of liquid gold. Your long commute may require an extra ice pack or two. Use whatever combination of coolers and ice packs that you prefer. There is room for any standard issue square cooler (or 2 or 3) or any standard lunch bag or tall bottle cooler.

What are the dimensions of the bag?

The exterior is 13 x 11.5 x 5.5 deep.

The side opening has an outer dimension of 7” with an additional 2-3 inches inside.

Is this a good gift for a baby shower?

Although not recommended by the manufacturer, many women pass on their breast pumps to a close friend or relative.

Hand-me-down breast pump? Terrible shower gift! Hand me down pump in a shiny new Nurse Purse? Great idea!

Not sure which style is right? We offer gift certificates, and accept exchanges for a different style.

Do you offer gift wrap?

**Coming soon** We offer a gift wrap kit with box, paper and ribbon so you can see your gift before you give it.

What is your commitment to the environment?

You will not notice any packing materials such as foam or peanuts, paper invoices or extra packaging of any kind with your order. We use recycled materials whenever possible, including the gift packaging we offer.

How do I clean my Nurse Purse?

All interior and exterior surfaces including handles can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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