Travel Tips for Pumping Mamas

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful under any circumstances. Add a breast pump, a fussy baby or an unexpected diaper blowout to the mix – and your stress levels can be through the roof. There have been some pretty distressing stories circulating lately about milk-related travel disasters. Whether you are exclusively pumping, or exclusively

Pumping when the Power’s Out (Don’t cry over thawed breastmilk)

Have a freezer full of breastmilk and worried the power is going to be out? Need to use your electric pump and don’t have a battery backup?   Don’t cry about losing that stash of liquid gold. Here are some helpful tips from KellyMom – and the good news here – you can even refreeze

Don’t Dump that Pump!

Are you done pumping and not sure what to do with that old pump? Some of the major breast pump manufacturers are now offering recycling programs. They will either refurbish pumps to donate to moms in need, or recycle the usable parts. Either way, you are keeping your pump out of a landfill and now

#WhereIPump – My Pumping Room Story

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful communal experience. There are breastfeeding support groups, breastfeeding circles, even nursing covers in gorgeous prints designed to make you feel comfortable nursing in public. Breastfeeding is wonderful because you are holding an adorable, peaceful, content baby, breathing in that sweet new baby smell. For the most part breastfeeding doesn’t require

The Nurse Purse – A Better Breast Pump Bag

We are so excited that our site is finally up and running, and our breast pump bags are finally ready to share with the world. This has been a long journey, from my first tearful day returning from maternity leave, to the birth of my second son, and many milestones along the way. So much

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