nurse purse bag


aboutmeAfter my son was born, and I returned to work as a busy Speech Language Pathologist, I felt conspicuous and frumpy carrying that black breast pump bag everywhere.

Not to mention it was too small to carry much else, and I was carrying extra bags to hold my pumping accessories, personal items and what I needed for work. I was surprised that, with such a variety of cute diaper bags and other accessories out there for moms, there was nothing to replace that black bag, not even a replacement version of the same one after my own was showing wear and tear and seemed designed to highlight every little milk stain.

I wanted something that was a functional, stylish alternative that would streamline my commute to work and around town. It was a revelation to finally carry just one bag every day.

So, I started with a hand-sewn version for my personal use, and things just evolved from there. It seemed like every working mom I knew had similar gripes about their little black polyester bag, and even people who had no idea would stop to tell me what a cute bag I was carrying. So, after tweaks and improvements to the original, and being my own product tester after returning to work after my second son was born, I am ready to share the Nurse Purse with other moms out there.

Happy Pumping!

– Adrienne

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