The Nurse Purse – A Better Breast Pump Bag

We are so excited that our site is finally up and running, and our breast pump bags are finally ready to share with the world. This has been a long journey, from my first tearful day returning from maternity leave, to the birth of my second son, and many milestones along the way. So much has changed, but my frustration with that conspicuous black bag never faded. There were many prototypes, and much trial and error along the way, trying to come up with the best version of a breast pump bag that would be stylish as well as functional – something that I would actually look forward to carrying every day.

My little baby boy turned one year old last week, and although I am continuing to nurse, my pumping journey has come to an end for now. I continue to carry my Nurse Purse every day and never get tired of coming up with creative things to stash in the ‘secret compartment’ – lunch, my cute but uncomfortable work shoes, and diapers and wipes when I am out with my boys.

Being a working mom isn’t easy, and pumping at work is challenging in so many ways. I hope that the Nurse Purse breast pump bag will make this easier for some of you out there, whether you are relieved just to carry one single bag instead of looking like a bag lady, or you love not having to fish around for your plug every time you make a return trip to the ‘pumping room’, we hope this improves your pumping life in some way.

Stay tuned for more updates, new fresh styles and photos.

Happy Pumping!

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The Nurse Purse – A Better Breast Pump Bag


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Commute in style with the Nurse Purse breast pump bag


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